Information on Wuling Motors Co

Officially launched on November 18, 2002, SGMW is a three-shareholder joint venture, with share capital from two domestic partners – SAIC Motor Corporation Limited and Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co Limited– and a foreign one, GM China. SGMW dates her history back to Liuzhou Power Machining Plant founded in 1958. Through decades of development, it has expansion in volume and output till its standing as an international and modern manufacturer of mini and small vehicle in China today.

SGMW has two manufacturing bases - Liuzhou and Qingdao. Headquartered in Liuzhou, covering an area of 89.2 hectares, SGMW has three plants: two vehicle plants - East plant, West plant, and an Engine Plant. The two vehicle plants are composed with press shop, body shop, paint shop and general assembly shop. Armed with General Motors Global Manufacturing System, it forms up a layout of both commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle. With the design of GM standard, the Engine Plant has production lines of cylinder block, cylinder head, crank shaft and general assembly to produce engines for mini vehicles. It fully integrates GM expertise in production that enables the facility to be at international level. Qingdao Branch, completing with press, body, paint and general assembly shops as well as engine plant, is the expansion to the north of China that strongly supports company's future development, especially after the new plant with annual capacity of 300,000 units launch in April, 2008 in Qingdao.

SGMW has the state-level Technical Development Center and an "Enterprise postdoctoral research workstation" approved by the Ministry of Personnel of China, which implements C3P (CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM) and adopt GM GVDP(global product development procedure) and GMS (Global Manufacturing System) as main tools to make company's innovative capability in technology improved greatly. The independently-developed product Wuling Sunshine becomes the fastest growing up mini vehicle with higher sales volume in China mini-vehicle history. Wuling Hongtu is a mini car launched by SGMW with intelligent property in 2007 which is added into passenger vehicle function that could meet both commercial and passenger usage. Wuling Rongguang is a brand-new mini van launched in 2008, which successfully created a new minivan segment, and the sales reached 29,333 units after official launch from June 2008, monthly volume over 10,000 units. Lechi is the first mini car produced by SGMW, awarded as the best compact vehicle in J.D. Power survey. In 2008, it was equipped P-Tec engine developed based on GM powertrain standard, with power/L reaching 52.2KW, which exceeds the national environment-friendly engine definition of 50KW in power/L. It is the best level among A00 passenger vehicles in the segment below 1.4L in China nowadays. It's featured by high power, low fuel consumption and good quality. SGMW product lineup also includes single-cab pickup and crew-cab pickup. In 2003 all the products have successfully got "3C" certificate. In 2005, SGMW was awarded the "AAA" quality level company, which was the only company that got this honor in the mini vehicle industry. The products have been exported to over 40 countries in Mid-South America, Mid-east, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

In the year of 2009, Chinese government published a favorable policy to encourage Chinese farmers to buy automobiles. Due to this, SGMW achieved a high sales volume of 1.06 million which is 65% higher than that of last year, and the market share of our mini vehicles reached 45%. This has enabled SGMW to be a sales leader in the small vehicle industry in China for 4 years continuously and the only Chinese vehicle manufacturer whose annual sales volume exceeds 1 million. The sales volume of our Wuling Sunshine and Wuling Ronggguang minivans in 2009 is 40% higher than that of 2008, and that of our high performance mini cars is 47.1% higher.

Through available resources from shareholders, SGMW has introduced cutting-edge business ideas and management systems while insisting on the low cost and high value to push corporate business flow reorganization and resource integration. It results in the lean management improvement and Wuling value chain now is steadily built up. The company is growing up from self-made mode to innovative mode on its way to success and putting efforts to beat the vision: "to be the best company in mini and small car industry in China and strong competitor globally."